Season 3 Episode 1


The team returns for a new season, starting out with discussions about indie isometric action RPG Transistor, and whether there is a place in the current gaming landscape for demos.  Demosthenes makes a startling admission, forcing the podcast to contemplate their future.  Drama!  Comedy!  Computer Games!  Weird Simpsons references!

Season 2 Episode 6


This one has been sitting around for a while because the guys wanted me to edit it more, but since we don’t have the original recording any more I’m off the hook!

We chat about “Twitch Plays Pokemon”, podcast hand-signals, the evil corporation that is King (of Candy Crush), the degree of monetisation of free-to-play games, games that make good or bad spectator sports, and more.

Feel free to provide feedback on how awesome this edit is!

Season 2 Episode 5


Wait – we’re not dead?

My maiden effort in editing, we look back at some of our favourites from 2013 and predict what we’ll love in 2014 – yes, we’re that unpredictable. This was recorded back in January so you’ll have to forgive us for taking so long, but the benefit of this podcast taking so long to go public is that all of our jokes seem funny again.

Season 2 Episode 4


The crew are back to flying solo this week with no notable guests, or guests of note.  We talk about the awesome and actually still newish game The Stanley Parable which blew us all away with it’s awesomeness.  Play this game before listening, as it’s impossible to talk about this game at all without taking something away from the playing experience, so go in cold if you have the chance!  We also talk about the new Batman release, Origins.  Also, like us on Facebook.  Do it.

Watch JudgeRizzo play through the Stanley Parable here:

Season 2 Episode 2


Our sophomore effort of season 2 invites superfan and closet racist GoldyScrubz onto the show, to help us break down Steam’s three big announcements (Steam OS, Steam Machine and the previously unannounced at the time of recording but now totally announced Steam Controller).  We also talk about the hot-at-the-time-but-now-mostly-forgotten topic of the release of GTA 5 and compare it to the mostly terrible Saints Row 4.  So, get your time machine and be prepared to travel back in time two weeks and listen to idiots ramble, talk over the top of each other and laugh too loudly.

So, not Half-Life 3 then

If you’ve listened to the as-of-yet unreleased podcast we recorded last Friday night like I have (live), you will recall our discussion about the big third announcement following SteamOS and the Steam Machine.

At the time I mentioned that the third announcement had to be something big, like Half-Life 3, because I didn’t think that the existing announcements were significant enough to justify them bothering to make them. Now that the controller has been revealed I feel like the entire process has been a disappointment. This announcement clearly means a lot more to Valve than anyone else and I don’t think it is particularly exciting.

Interesting? Yes. Exciting? No.

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Season 2 Episode 1


We’re back!  Season 2 kicks off with special guest Phoebe Linguini, and we talk about different storytelling techniques in fps games versus puzzle games specifically with Bioshock Infinite and Swapper, as well as revisit gender inequality which was a big topic from our previous podcast.

We discuss the current eSports scene with the huge League of Legends world championships that are currently running, and possible dangers of international teams moving to different countries than their own to try to find success.